Is The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie The Best Bowie Knife?

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No one can forget that famous part in Crocodile Dundee when Mick Dundee pulls his huge bowie knife out and scares the crap out of the flick knife mugger or who could forget Rambo, well just being Rambo with his knife. Bowie knives have been around a long time, since James Bowie really.  Bowie knives are as popular as ever and there’s good reason for that, they’re awesome.  The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie is a modern take on the traditional bowie knife.


KnifeRatingOverall lengthBlade lengthBlade materialPrice
Natchez Bowie Knife
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4.81711.75SK-5 High Carbon$$$


It is a clip point blade that is around a foot long and made of O-1 High Carbon steel.  The confusing thing about the Natchez bowie is that it used to be made with San Mai III stainless steel. This is a sandwich of different steels that give it the right mixture to make it strong with a great edge.  This is the way Japanese bladesmith’s worked.  They’d have hard steel in the middle and then forge weld it with softer steel on either side of the hard steel, hence giving it the properties of having a razor sharp edge that still has the softness from the outer layers to be able to take more punishment than a single steel knife.  However, it turned out that O-1 High carbon steel outperformed the San Mai III so they changed to O-1.

This Cold Steel bowie is great for battle as it is large and has the perfect shape and large blade that is great for the optimal leverage, strength, and reach. Not to mention that it is very well balanced which makes it easy to use. This bowie knife is very sharp and it will cut you just like a razor, pierce something like a dagger or chop like a cleaver would.  It’s a beautiful knife, but not as beautiful as the Rambo knives such as the Rambo 2 knife.


You can’t review a knife in isolation.  You have to compare it to other knives.  The Natchez bowie is a very expensive knife, and while it’s a great knife you can get virtually the same performance from the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie.  I still prefer the Natchez bowie but it gets to a point where most people say “how much am I willing to spend on a knife?”

Size matters

The Natchez bowie knife measures just over 17 inches long and is 8mm (about 0.31 of an inch) thick and weights just under 22.1 oz. This bowie knife will give you top of the line carbon steel that has been vacuum heat treated and that means that it isn’t cheap at all. It is quite expensive, but it is very much worth it since it makes the knife almost indestructible. The handle is 5.375 inches long. It happens to be made from black linen Micarta. The design is perfect for most any gripping style and the handle just boosts the overall performance of the knife. There is even a double guillon, a stainless steel pommel and bolster.

Natchez Bowie Knife

The sheath

When you purchase the Natchez bowie, it comes with a scabbard that is made from kydex.  Personally I prefer leather because I like the old world feel.  There is even a belt peg, so you are able to place it under your belt or on your waistband without ever losing your knife.

The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie in action



At the end of the day if you want the best quality, you’ve got to pay for it.  There’s no such thing as getting the best quality cheaply.  It can be purchased for a fair price at amazon.  You can also try to buy it from the but before you do check to see what coupons are available from the here.


  • Well balanced
  • Well Made
  • Virtually indestructible


  • It is very expensive to make
  • It is very expensive to buy

When it comes to having the best bowie knife, you can’t go wrong with the Natchez from Cold Steel.  It can be purchased from here.  Of course not everyone wants to spend that amount on a knife so if you’re after something a bit cheaper, check out my review of the best budget bowie knife – The Timber Rattler Western Outlaw.

If you’re looking for a big survival knife with a survival kit in the handle, try the Maxam Survival knife.

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie
4.7 / 5 stars