Best budget bowie knife – Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

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The bowie knife happens to be a large knife that is roughly between 6 and 24 inches. There are plenty of reasons for a person to use a bowie knife, whether it be for survival, hunting, defense or combat.  The Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife is the best of the best when it comes to getting a great bowie knife on a budget.  This is a great bowie knife that you can get for under $30.  Check out the latest price.

KnifeRatingOverall lengthBlade lengthBlade materialPrice
Western Outlaw Knife
Check Today's Price
4.716.511.375440 stainless steel$$


Western Outlaw Bowie Knife by Timber Rattler

It is 17 inches long and is almost 0.5 inches wide. This is a well built, affordable, and a pleasant surprise for a low cost. It has a full tang and is just rugged enough for you to be able to handle some of the toughest jobs out there.

Western Outlaw Knife

Like you’d expect, it’s big

The Western Outlaw Bowie knife has a blade that measures almost 12 inches long, so don’t be fooled by the photos. Some of the people out there feel the Timber Rattler Bowie Knife is too big.  Even though it happens to be quite large, it has a sharp edge and good balance. Although, it does need a bit of honing. There is a plated brass guard in order to protect you from any accidents.

Timber Rattler in hand

The blade

The blade is made from stainless steel, which is easy to maintain, clean and it is pretty strong. The biggest downside is that it isn’t very easy to sharpen at all. Although, this bowie knife was not designed to be a precision knife, it actually serves better as a survival and camping knife. It has a medium sharpness on the blade which allows it to do what you need it to do.

Western Outlaw bowie knife

The handle

The handle happens to be made of gray hardwood and it has a very comfortable grip. It also has a holster that is made from real leather that was designed to be a great snug fit for the knife. This particular bowie knife is great for hacking as it is able to split logs and even chop down some smaller trees.



It’s unbelievable value and even though it’s not on discount, I can’t imagine they’d be able to do it much cheaper anyway or else they’d be pretty much giving it away.  Check today’s price at amazon.  You can also check out because they’re a reputable company.  I’ve got a page dedicated to bladehq coupons here so that you don’t have to pay full price.


  • Well balanced
  • Affordable
  • Sharp blade
  • Great for survival
  • Comes with leather casing


  • Not a precision knife
  • Medium sharpened blade
  • Doesn’t seem very big at all

Timber Rattler knives are know for their great value.  It my opinion it doesn’t look as good as the Rambo knife, but when it comes to picking the right bowie knife for your budget, you certainly cannot go wrong with this particular one. It will do what you need it to do as well use for everyday uses.  If can be purchased from here.

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Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie
4.7 / 5 stars