Blade HQ coupons – January 2017

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There’s not exactly a plethora of bladehq coupons at the moment but below I’ve got the best working bladehq coupon I could find.  Just use the coupon code at

Working Blade HQ coupons

Save 10% Off

Spend $39 or more and receive a FREE Blade HQ Shirt & 10% Gift Card Back.

Blade HQ Coupon code: GMSH10BK


Popular items at blade HQ

One of the most popular knives at Blade HQ is the Natchez bowie:

Natchez Bowie Knife

I’ve reviewed the Natchez bowie here.

Other popular knives are: Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife


Ontario 499 Air Force Survival knife - black

Ontario SPEC PLUS SP10 Marine Raider Bowie Knife

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie

The also have working coupons that you might like.  Check out their working coupons on this page.

About Blade HQ

If you are in the mood for shopping around for a new knife or a survival tool, I have found that BladeHQ is one of the better sites that I have found. They offer a great selection, but in combination with their prices, and the website design it was much easier to find what I needed, learn about it and checkout than I ever expected possible.

The first thing I noticed when finding BladeHQ was their simple site design. It loaded much faster than other sites I had found, which was great because it saved me time. Their navigation clearly states the different areas of their site and even showcases ‘On Sale’ and ‘Closeout’ sections. Naturally, these two categories caught my attention first.

Their homepage has a great design that provides some of their more popular products, as well as links and buttons to their social media sites to stay connected. By signing up to their newsletter, customers are able to stay updated on new things as well.

Blade HQ Prices

Their prices are competitive compared to other sites I have visited, which is also a plus. I first came here looking for a new knife for everyday use, but have since purchased several items because they are so good about getting the items shipped out to me and the items are good quality. On top of that, they offer free domestic shipping for orders over $99, and if you are like me that is easy to do when shopping.

They also have axes, flashlights, saws, everything from sharp useful objects to key chains that allow you to keep track of things like, well keys. Their slogan is simple ‘Gear up for adventure’, to me this caught my attention as well. It is telling me that they have the items I need for any of my adventurous needs, from hunting and hiking to simply going camping or fishing.

They also have a coming soon section that was interesting, it lets people get an idea of what they are working on adding to their inventory ahead of time so customers can keep track of when and what they are in the future. It is a great way to really plan for a new adventure in the near future. Not to mention, they have Blade HQ exclusive products too.


  • Simple website design and easy navigation
  • Great selection of products
  • Competitive prices on a wide range of products
  • They have coupon codes


  • Was not able to find a negative aspect of the site.


Overall, BladeHQ’s website is easy to move around, finding what you need is easy and discovering what you didn’t know you needed or wanted is even easier. You will find that the free shipping offer is great for those who purchase knifes or other tools on a regular basis as well.