Rambo Bow Review

Rambo bow and arrow big
Everyone knows who Rambo is and we all know that he is iconic when it comes to his weapons. The knives, as well as the bows. In all of the famous movies, Rambo's weapon of choice happens to be his bow, with and without the awesome exploding arrows. The Hoyt Easton Rambo bow became extremely popular after Rambo II. The Hoyt Spectra was custom built with the Omega wheels and glass limbs that transfer the cables laterally during the draw back and release, which caused the need for the cable guard. ...

Rambo movies

There are 4 movies to the Rambo series with a 5th being talked about. No one is sure, but you can tell how the main character begins to change and how it happens. I decided since not very many people I know have actually seen all the movies, that I would do several descriptions of what is going on, without being able to give anything away. The movies are great, some a bit cheesy, but each one contains plenty of action, weapons, and even some hardcore battle action.  The movies are what made the ...

Rambo Survival Knife

The 'Rambo' style survival knife is actually one of the most logical concepts that mankind has developed. Used in many different survival kits, with multiple functions to offer, this style of knife can actually saved your life as long as it is decent quality and your handle is properly equipped. Many skeptics say that these knifes are useless, however, if you break it down in a logical sense they can and will save your life. Why is it a survival knife? Most 'Rambo' style knives have the hidden...