Custom knives

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Why choose custom knives

Most people will look for good branded knives when they decide to purchase a knife. However, there are some people who might want a knife that is more personalized to their liking. We are talking about custom knives on this page.

Before we get into the WHY part of it, let us talk about some facts pertaining to knife making in general. The big knife manufacturers out there do a lot of research that goes into their products. In fact, many manufacturers have pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation in the industry. However, we must consider objectively the facts of the trade. As with every other manufacturer, knife manufacturers also have an array of knives, ranging from the lower end designs up to the higher end ones. The lower end products usually are of lesser quality than the higher end designs, compromising on some important aspects to cut costs and make it affordable. There’s nothing wrong with that, although sometimes, the quality, even on some higher end designs isn’t exactly as advertised. Custom knives, on the other hand, are a niche market. A good custom knife maker puts in a lot of effort equally to each blade, and makes the knife tailored to suit your needs.

This is a custom built drop point knife.

There are some things you need to know before going for a custom knife. There are some people who would probably go to the manufacturer’s website and select knives from their catalog of mid range or higher end designs. Now, if you’re looking for a custom knife, chances are that you already know a good deal about knives, steel types, etc. If not, it is imperative to know about the materials and be informed about what kind of materials are better at retaining the edge, preventing corrosion (such as carbon steel and vanadium composition alloys). Many mass manufactured knives claim to be simply ‘high carbon stainless steel’ without going into details of individual element compositions. You would really want a high concentration of carbon if you want a good knife that can retain its edge. If you are going to buy your first knife and you want it custom made, the knife makers can help you out with the details of materials as well, as they know what kind of materials are fit for the blade. So, in case of custom knives, you get to decide what type of steel is going to be used for the blade, what type of blade you want, and how big would you like it to be. Thus, you have more control over the selection of specifications that suit your needs. You can choose your own custom look and feel to the knife. It is the major advantage of custom knives. More than anything else, you get to choose how the end product will look. You choose what the handle will be made of, or what type of handle you want. If the custom knife maker provides a good deal of variety in handle types, you can select the material you want it to be.

So, a custom built knife is almost always better if you are looking for a personalized, powerful knife that can last long and is built according to your desire. It might seem like an expensive investment to go custom, but it is an investment worth making.