ESEE Izula Survival Knife Review

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If you’re searching for a new blade for your collection and you often find yourself going into the woods for whatever reason, the ESEE Izula is often the suggestion people give. I just thought this was purely preference, but after I got one I found that it really is a great knife for being in the woods, plus the design looks great too.




I am able to honestly say the hype around the ESEE Izula is dead on, even though it is the oddball out of my collection. Upon opening the box, the design is smooth, but very bare for a fixed blade. It is literally a powder coated piece of 1095 steel, with nothing else and that is part of the reason it is so appealing to people. It lacks the mainstream features of a blood groove, sawback, and other add on like stuff.

When you are just wanting a simple and quick knife for handling your cutting needs in the woods, you don’t want to have to deal with all those things. Personally, I rarely use my knifes for anything more than just that, a knife for cutting things. That is why when I am looking for a knife I just want it to excel in that area.


Depending on the model of the ESEE design, it is either made by Lion Steel in Italy, or Rowen in the United States. Each design has a great design that looks good and functions as expected. The aesthetic identity that the ESEE has created itself is worth giving them a thumbs up.

However, the most striking part of the ESEE knifes are their high quality designs and the feeling when being used. I find that it is very lightweight and easy to carry around without taking up much room. I also find that when I use it, my hand and wrist does not get tired as it does with larger, heavier knifes. The blade is 4mm (0.156 inches) thick, allowing it to take whatever you throw at it. I’m not sure the blade could be broken if you tried.


  • High quality and light weight
  • The blade is 4mm thick, making it hard (if not impossible) to break
  • Easy to carry, hold and use.


  • Lacks additional features that some may desire


There are a few different models available, the color of the blade and the handle are the options you have.

Overall, if you are looking for a new knife that you can use for all sorts of things from an everyday utility knife, to being used for carving, throwing, and cutting things, the ESEE Izula Fixed Blade is one I highly recommend you try out. If you are needing additional features, such as a sawback this may not be the knife for you, but it’s great for those like me who mainly use a knife for cutting.  You can use a coupon to buy this blade, try a coupon from or a coupon from Blade HQ.  If you’re looking for a bigger, meatier knife try the Cold Steel Natchez bowie.