Folding knife information

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Folding blade knives are knives wherein the blade folds into the handle of the knife. Now, if you see a folding blade knife or even think about its definition there are a few things to consider. One is that there is a folding blade mechanism and two, it folds into the handle, which means that it has moving parts. Some people might take that to be a disadvantage when compared with a fixed-blade knife, but that is not necessarily true.

If you are contemplating buying a folding blade knife, you should consider a few things before you make the purchase. For those who have not yet made up their mind about what kind of knife they want, this page will provide some insight into folding blade knives and what kind you should buy if you do consider buying one.

The main advantage of a folding blade knife is that they are easily concealable. You can carry a folding blade knife with you all the time, anywhere, as the blade gets folded into the handle, thereby decreasing the overall length of the knife. Like we said earlier, folding mechanism might lead some people to believe that it is weak in all scenarios. Generally, it is true of folding blade knives that they do trade some strength for the ability to conceal and carry the knife. However, you will find that it is not the case if you do not compromise on the quality of the folding blade knife you are considering.

A folding knife should have a strong folding mechanism. So what you want to look for in a folding knife, and we cannot stress this enough, is a strong pivot on the knife. It should tolerate fairly high pressure and should not have any sideward movement to it (referred to as ‘blade play’). That can be a sign of a relatively weak folding knife. A strong pivot is therefore absolutely essential, perhaps the most essential part of a folding knife. Other than the pivot strength, what makes a good folding knife is also the lock on the folding knife. If the lock doesn’t function properly, the knife will inevitably bend under pressure. You wouldn’t want that happening at any cost. A lock can prevent any injuries owing to unwanted folding of the knife at the wrong time, and is well worth a check.

As with both fixed-blade and folding blade knives, the handle itself is something that determines, or can help you determine whether a knife is a good knife or not. You would want to avoid knives made of cheap plastic handles which can crack under a lot of pressure or if they were to fall. Last but not the least, the edge of the blade is obviously something you should give the most importance to. However, the reason we covered the other points first is so you know what specifically makes a good folding-blade knife other than the common aspect shared by both folding blade as well as fixed-blade knives, which is the blade itself. You would want to look for high carbon and steel blades which can retain their edges and which are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Picking the right folding knife can get you a durable blade that can be carried to almost anywhere.