Rambo Survival Knife

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The ‘Rambo’ style survival knife is actually one of the most logical concepts that mankind has developed. Used in many different survival kits, with multiple functions to offer, this style of knife can actually saved your life as long as it is decent quality and your handle is properly equipped. Many skeptics say that these knifes are useless, however, if you break it down in a logical sense they can and will save your life.

Why is it a survival knife?

Most ‘Rambo’ style knives have the hidden handle compartment that can house several different tools for survival such as; Fishing Hook/Line, Matches, Flint, Needle and thread, aspirin, and other useful equipment. The idea of the handle compartment creates a weather proof environment that protects your most important of necessities for creating a fire, emergency situations, and first aid when not able to seek proper help immediately. Almost all of the survival knives with this style are also equipped with a compass and wood saw/fish scaler.

Not being fooled by the cheaply mass produced blades, and poor quality handles is a major factor in the fundamental and vital effectiveness of this tool. The blade must be sharp, and durable for the jobs it must perform. Purchasing one of these knives to add to your survival kit, and every day camping gear, is a smart idea to consider. This style was made popular by the 1980 movie ‘First Blood’, in which the main character Rambo had used his survival knife to survive extreme circumstances that threatened his life.

After the knife he used became just as, if not more so, popular than the character who used it, there have been several different versions of the blade and survival kit it held manufactured. Though most claim that the blade itself is not logical, I feel that there is more reason to carry and possess one of the styles than there is not to.

For the different uses of the blade and its features, they seem endless on what you can do with them to ensure your survival in the wild and in extreme conditions of life threatening situations. This tool as a survival knife/weapon is a concept that I have been convinced to be a truth. I swear by it when I go out into the wild for camping, and I am always finding a new use for it, that in some cases, has proven to be lifesaving.

Can the Rambo knife be used as a survival knife?

When it comes to quality and having a knife that you can use for survival, the truth is that there is a lot to consider. There are times where you will need a knife to kill an animal, to gather wood, to dig a trench for water, etc. It really just depends on what you will need it for. The Rambo knife is a survival knife that does more than just cut things. Many times, the Rambo blades are just meant as a decoration or as a prop because they do not come sharpened, and if you want a nice edge, you have to either sharpen it yourself or have it professionally done. They are able to be a tactical tool for digging, chopping, wedging, prying, hacking, and scooping. The blade is fairly heavy, so depending on your situation, you can do a lot of damage to yourself or whatever you are trying to cut.

Normally, a Rambo blade will be around 18 inches long and it is a bit top heavy, you have to remember these were created with a very muscular man in mind. There are plenty of other machetes or tactical knifes that do a variety of things, but not like Rambo knifes. These were meant for jungle type warfare, but originally, it was just a prop. The handle can sometimes be hollow, you are able to hid anything you need in there, such as pain killers, band aids, a tiny bottle of liquor, etc. Once the blade is sharp, it can cut, slice, and destroy anything that you want. Since the blades are normally around a foot long, it can make for a fun time, but in a real emergency survival situation, you can be a bit overwhelmed, due to the heaviness, which tends to throw people off balance if they aren’t used to it.

There isn’t any type of serrations on the blade, no finger groves or saw teeth. Basically, this is just a blade that you will have to customize to your own liking. Now it isn’t one of those super fancy type of blades that come with a compass in the handle, these are crude blades. You can see hammer marks, and it is basically unbreakable, so when it comes down to it, there is no real worry about bending, chipping, busting the tip off, or breaking it. It is almost like a pretty awesome ax. Just like with most awesome knives, it has a very heavy duty leather sheathe, and a leg and belt loop strap to give you that Rambo look when you are forging the forests for enemies. When it comes down to it, this is a decent blade that will give you plenty of umph to get what you need done, whether it is tactical or for survival.

So, to answer the question is the Rambo knife good for survival purposes. To me, yes. I believe it was meant to be used for survival, and I will stand by my answer fully.