Maxam Survival Knife review

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If you happen to be an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, then you need to have one of the most vital pieces of equipment with you in your pack, which is a survival knife. On this page I’m going to review the Maxam Survival knife.  You may never have heard of Maxam knives but they are actually a pretty popular brand.  The Maxam knife company is best known for it’s pocket knives.

KnifeRatingBlade materialOverall lengthBlade lengthDoes it include a survival kit?Price
Maxam survival knife
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4.1440 hardened stainless steel

What to look for in a survival knife

The survival knife that you select doesn’t have to be heavy or large to be effective and made for survival situations. If you come into an emergency where you would need a way to defend yourself, then you need to have a survival knife on you. It is for that reason that a survival knife that you select needs to be a knife that you will carry with you at all times. There are plenty of survival knives out there that are made with spark strikers to help build fires that you need to light up the dark, heat your meals and drinks, and for keeping large animals at bay when you are camping or hiking. If you can keep a survival knife on you at all times, then you can keep you and your friends out of danger and in the clear. If you don’t have one, then you aren’t going to be able to save you or your friends.  Check out the latest price here.

Maxam survival knife

Survival knives will serve you plenty of purposes like splitting logs that you need for firewood. If you have wet wood, then you will be able to strip the outer bark from them and get to the dry wood inside to start a fire that will keep you warm, safe, and fed. You can even use survival knives to cut rope, clean fish, or skin rabbits that you want to eat while you are camping. It is even useful for opening up canned goods that you have brought with you in case your can opener was broken, or lost.

Why choose the Maxam Survival knife?

While all of the other survival knives may actually appear to be a great knife, the Maxam survival knife is the ultimate knife kit. The 12 pieces has 3/16-inch-thick blade, storage compartment that is made of a zinc alloy handle that contains safety pin, tweezers, bandages, fishing line, pencil, needle and thread, compass, and a razor blade as well as a 7 inch frame knife that has a 2 and 5/8 inch blade that goes into a molded sheath. The largest knife measures almost 15 inches with an 8-inch blade.

It weighs around 2 pounds and it can go basically anywhere that you want it to and it will do a lot and some things that you had no clue that you needed it to do.

The mini knife is great. I am not sure why it is, I just know that it fits great in my hand and when its being used. Both of the knives are useful and hold an edge quite well.


It’s not on discount at the moment but you couldn’t really get it much cheaper anyway or else they’d be giving it away.  This survival knife offers unbelievable value for money.  Latest price at Amazon.  You can also try the  Check out if you can use a knife center coupon here.


  • 12 pieces
  • 3 knives in one kit
  • Multiple uses
  • Great value


  • Compass doesn’t work that great
  • Top of handle often pops off
  • Sling shot often breaks


Overall the Maxam Survival knife has a lot of good qualities like the saw blade knife that will last for a long time and actually take plenty of abuse. It is a good purchase even though it has a few issues.  Personally, I prefer the Rambo First Blood knife or the Rambo 2 knife but they are a lot more expensive.  If you’re looking for knives with either partial tang or full tang try the Cold Steel Natchez bowie or the Timber Rattler Western Outlaw bowie.


Maxam Survival Knife
4.1 / 5 stars