Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife review

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I am very familiar with the Night Stalkers Survivor Bowie from the reputation that it has. It focuses on hard use knives when designed by experienced adventurers, and military personnel although this is the first time that I ever had a chance to use this knife in real survival situations.

KnifeRatingOverall lengthBlade lengthBlade materialPrice
Night stalkers bowie knife
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4.617.512.2440 Stainless SteelLow


According to Night Stalkers, they are tested in locations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Burma. I was really excited to see if this knife would be able to hold up to my expectations.

As soon as it arrived from Amazon, I knew right away that this was a superior quality knife. Just by looking at it I was able to tell that there was a lot of craftsmanship put into it and this knife wasn’t just some cheap trinket that would be destroyed within a year.

Night stalkers bowie knife

When I pick it up, it always feels solid in my hands and has a full tang. Once I began to examine the blade, like I am prone to do, it was sharp out of the box and much thicker than the other knives that I have, which proves that it is superior quality and could handle abuse that I was fixing to throw at it.

The best parts were the fact that it came with a diamond textured rubber grip and the steel riveted double nylon belt loop sheath. Since I tend to walk most of the places in the wild, I figured that this would be a good part of the deal.

I was super excited to check out the Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife since it is made from 440 stainless steel with black anodizement on it. I love the fact that it is a sawback and the guard is just as well made being made from 440 stainless steel and black finished S shaped handle.

It is sharpened to a razors edge and it was literally built to keep you alive in some of the worst circumstances. Your best chance at survival are your knife and the grey matter between your ears. You can choose the Night Stalkers Marine Force Recon Hunting Outdoor Survivors Bowie Sawback Knife to be your survival weapon as it has an ample grip that has diamond texturing. You will be able to keep your hands away from the blade due to the fact that it has a S shaped hand guard. The barracuda shaped blade even has a black anodized finish as well as serration and tactical cutout holes.


  • Made from steel
  • S shaped hand guard
  • Nylon sheath with belt loop
  • Super sharp right out of the box


  • None that I could tell

The verdict

This knife is great and it was pretty obvious that there was a lot of attention to detail given to the design and comes at a great price. It was made with intention of it being used, since the focus on the testing and the design. It was well made and had clever additional features like serration.  If you’re looking for the best bowie knife, check out my review of the Cold Steel Natchez bowie.  If you’d prefer a great budget bowie knife, check out my Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife.