Rambo 2 knife review

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If you’re looking at buying this knife you can BUY THE RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2 KNIFE FOR $79.99.  That includes free world-wide shipping!  We often get contacted by residence of the UK about whether they can import the knife, yes, UK citizens can purchase the knife.


KnifeOverall SizeBlade sizeHandle sizeBlade materialHandle MaterialPrice
Rambo First Blood Part 2 knife
Rambo Part 2 knife
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15 1/2 Inches10 inches5.5 inchesStainless steelWire cord wrap

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Rambo ii knife design

This knife is a survival knife designed as a last resort tool to help you survive in the wilderness during an emergency situation where you have lost all of your main equipment.  This survival knife was based on a classic knife design from an aviator knife that was used in World War II and Vietnam by pilots in their emergency kits. Check out the examples below:




Aviator knife


Aviator knife 2

So it is safe to say that the Rambo knife is actually based on a true story.  This baby right here is pretty sexy, the survival knife being much larger than the original aviator design but it is based on the same concept.


Rambo ii knife
Rambo ii knife




It was Jimmy Lile who once again designed the knives for “Rambo: First Blood Part II”, the second movie in the Rambo series.  These knives are referred to as the ‘Mission’ knives because they were stamped with ‘Rambo The Mission’.

Despite being a bit bigger than the original First Blood knife, the resemblance is quite obvious.  These knives were a bit more than 15 inches long and had a 10” blade.  In order to create a contrasting effect, the makers used a black blade that had polished edges. These knives featured different blade finishes, like all gray, gray or black with bright edges.

The serrated blade is great for cutting rope and other stuff like that, and the hollow aluminum handle has a mini survival kit which has things like a precision compass on it, needles, matches, and hooks, etc. You get the picture.

Rambo kept the knife in a handmade black leather sheath.  He also used to store a sharpening stone in a tiny pouch outside the sheath.

Not more than 100 ‘mission’ knives were created.  All of them were black with bright edges, and featured 14 saw teeth and screwdriver cross guard.

Approximately 800 to 1000 unnumbered knives with gray bead blasted finishing were designed.  Amongst them a special Rambo II knife had been custom ordered to have 13 saw teeth.

The handle

The knife comes with a hollow aluminum handle, which fits snugly and holds a survival kit. Besides, the handle features a special non-magnetic, aluminum screw-on pommel that works as a lid.  The interior of the pommel is fit with a precision compass and the exterior holds a pointed metal glass breaker.  The knife’s handle is covered with a black nylon cordage.  The guard contains a Phillip’s head and flat head screwdriver and it also contains lashing holes.

The blade

The blade for Rambo II is made of stainless steel and is mounted with saw teeth as well as a Bowie clip point.  The major portion of the blade is black in color. The official licensed copies of the knife which were included in the film were 15 3/8 inches long with a thickness of ¼ inch made out of 420 J2 stainless steel.  The official licensed copies of the knives used in ‘The First Blood’ and ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’ included a screwed in tang design which indicated that it had a hollow handle.  As the tang was connected to the handle with just a screw it was very easy for the knife to break into half.

Is the Rambo 2 knife practical?

20-30 years ago I would have said no but the way that hollow handle survival knives are made these days is excellent.  They’ve come a very long way.  The best survival knives are the ones that have a fixed blade and are full tang (the steel of the blade and the handle are made from the same piece of metal).  Having said that, The Rambo 2 knife is great quality.  I’ve put it through a pounding, half hoping it would break so I could say “aha, I knew that hollow handle knives weren’t that great” but I was wrong.  The 440 Stainless Steel Blade can handle heavy duty work.  This knife can handle pretty much everything.

You also need to pay attention to the thickness and length of the blade.  The Rambo 2 knife is massive,

  • 15.38″ Overall
  • 10″ blade
  • 0.25″ Blade Thickness

Survival knives are useful for campers, soldiers, hunters or survivalists.  It happens to be an all in one tool that will help you to get your food and cook it as well, shelter and save your life in deserted islands, dense forests, and other types of emergency situations.  When it comes to selecting the right knife experts will have different options. It is all about the convenience of handling the knife.  The Rambo 2 knife is an awesome knife.  Another great value knife that I’ve reviewed is the Timber Rattler, Western Outlaw Bowie knife.  If you’re looking for the best bowie knife, check out my Natchez bowie review.


Some famous scenes using the knife

Rambo had sharpened his knife for the first time while traveling on a plane to Vietnam. He accomplished this by dragging the blade onto the sharpening stick which was made of steel.  After a while Rambo was seen using the knife on Co Bao whom he mistook for a Viet Cong terrorist.  Throughout the film, Rambo used the same knife to kill numerous people and in the end he gradually draws the knife on Marshall Murdock in order to take revenge for being betrayed.  Here Rambo forcefully buries the knife onto Murdock’s desk very close to his head and ensures that the knife stays there as a reminder to ensure that Murdock would rescue the other POWs.  Murdock follows Rambo’s instructions and we presume that Rambo had left his knife wedged in Murdock’s desk.

Where to buy

Buy now for $79.99.  Free world wide shipping.  You can compare our price to the amazon price below.

There are two options when buying the Rambo First Blood Part II knife, one version has a signature and the other version does not have a signature.  It just comes down to a personal preference.  Compare the Amazon price to my price.  You can also try knifecenter.com as they sell the knives.  Make sure you use a knifecenter coupon so you don’t have to pay full price.  There’s no denying that it’s an expensive knife.  If you’re looking for a much cheaper survival knife check out my Maxam survival knife review.


Rambo knife comparison

The Rambo 3 knife had some significant differences to the first two versions.  To see a comparison of all Rambo Knives click here.

Rambo 2 knife
4.8 / 5 stars