Rambo Bow Review

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Everyone knows who Rambo is and we all know that he is iconic when it comes to his weapons. The knives, as well as the bows. In all of the famous movies, Rambo’s weapon of choice happens to be his bow, with and without the awesome exploding arrows. The Hoyt Easton Rambo bow became extremely popular after Rambo II. The Hoyt Spectra was custom built with the Omega wheels and glass limbs that transfer the cables laterally during the draw back and release, which caused the need for the cable guard.

Rambo bow and arrow big

How the Rambo bow works

Finally this great bow was released to the public, the unique bow allows for more than just power, it was actually created to be hard to pull in order to show off your muscles. There are plenty of adjustable sights, cable guards and an arrow rest. Even though it comes hard to pull, you can certainly change the draw weight at any point, although it comes standard at 55 lbs. That tends to be super powerful and can cause any arrow to fly at 206 feet per second, that equals to about 140 mph.  A compound bow is unlike any other traditional recurve or longbow, which are created with a single wood piece.

Rambo bow and arrow

Special features

The unique design of this bow is made up of 3 basic parts, the two limbs and the handle. It was made to be easy to disassemble simply because it can fit into a single tube. The whole bow is constructed of lightweight fiberglass and aluminum which is great, especially if you are really into using your bow. This bow is easy to assemble as well. You just snap the limbs into the base and then use the crank in order to wind and tighten the bow. Unlike the more traditional bows, this one contains two strings, although only one is used for firing. The second string is supposed to be wrapped around the two pulleys to make it easier to pull back.

rambo bow

There are spots for arrows, but it tends to be a bit easier to just carry them in a separate container and it can be used for other items like sights, which have to be manually adjusted and a flashlight. There are plenty of uses for the extra area that is unused. Now on to the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Adjustable sights
  • Adjustable draw back weight
  • Mid-ranged price


  • Hard to pull back on, even with the weight adjusted
  • Doesn’t come with explosive arrows

When push comes to shove, the Hoyt-Easton Rambo Compound Bow is a great choice for those who have plenty of strength and for those who love movie type items. The whole bow is lightweight, which is great for those who have to travel deep into the woods or jungles to use it. There are plenty of accessories that come with the bow and everything seems pretty much adjustable. The only major draw back, is that no matter how you change the draw back weight, it is still pretty hard to pull on, but good news is that it will certainly help you to built that upper arm strength.

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Rambo bow and arrow
Written by: John Rambo
4.4 / 5 stars