Rambo movies

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There are 4 movies to the Rambo series with a 5th being talked about. No one is sure, but you can tell how the main character begins to change and how it happens. I decided since not very many people I know have actually seen all the movies, that I would do several descriptions of what is going on, without being able to give anything away. The movies are great, some a bit cheesy, but each one contains plenty of action, weapons, and even some hardcore battle action.  The movies are what made the knife so popular.

The first movie is First Blood

John Rambo is a disoriented Veteran of the Vietnam war. He has been hitchhiking from city to city in order to stop in and see his friends from the war. During his time in Hope, the sheriff tries to make him leave the town and he refuses, so the sheriff arrests him for vagrancy. While Rambo is in jail, the deputy begins to abuse him. Rambo then escapes and begins to show off all of his war skills and heads to the woods while the sheriff and deputies search for him. He happens to be in his element, and then everything gets out of hand when Rambo’s old commander shows up and tries to fix everything.  This movie gave birth to the Rambo First Blood Knife.

The next movie is First Blood Part II

Rambo has been serving time in a federal prison. The US military hears that American soldiers are missing from the Vietnam war, and may still be alive and captive, Rambo’s old commander sends Rambo in to rescue them. This is what Rambo does best.  This movie saw Rambo use an updated version of the First Blood knife.

Next is Rambo III

When Rambo’s commander, Colonel Samuel Trautman was assigned to lead a mission to help the rebels who are fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Rambo turns down the request to help out. When the mission goes haywire, and Trautman is tortured by the Russians, Rambo goes on a full rescue mission and becomes allies with the rebels to get their help to rescue Trautman from the Russians.  This is the movie where Rambo’s knife changed from a “survival knife” with a hollow handle to a hidden tang knife.  Check out my review of the Rambo 3 knife.

The last movie is Rambo

Rambo has retired to Thailand where he is living peacefully and makes a living by transporting cargo and people in an old boat, as well as capturing snakes for entertainers. A group of Christian aid workers are kidnapped by the ruthless infantry unit, so Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to enter the war filled area of Burma and rescue them. He doesn’t want to at first, but a member convinced him to take the group up where the aids are taken.  In this movie, Rambo changes his knife for a machete.

As you can tell, all these movies are jam packed with action, war, fights, and of course more action. The weapons are all unique to where Rambo is located, and each one was customized for Rambo who was played by Sylvester Stallone. If you have never seen the movies, I would recommend watching them in order, and be prepared with plenty of popcorn.