USA Defenders Military Survival Knife Bundle with Fire Starter & Compass review

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Why would you need the USA Defenders Military Survival Knife Bundle with Fire Starter & Compass? Imagine that you have lost your way in the middle of a jungle. You don’t have food or water and there are plenty of carnivores that are there to welcome you to the jungle. You will have to work hard to get sustenance any way that you can until your rescue team arrives. Your mind, willpower, and survival resources are going to be the only things that gets you out of trouble.

USA defenders military survival knife

Carrying an easy to use, sharp survival knife will help you to fight your way through most obstructions that you face in the wilderness. A survival knife may be able to help you to fight your way through just about anything that you will face in the wilderness. They are a valuable asset to hunters, soldiers, and even professional campers. It is just an all in one tool that will help you to get food and even get it cooked as well, shelter and save your life in the dense forests, emergency situations, and deserted islands. Now you may understand why selecting the USA Defenders Military Survival Knife Bundle with Fire Starter & Compass is important. This is why this guide will help you to understand why this is the best survival knife at a great price out there.

When it comes to selecting a great knife, experts will have varied opinions. The handling of the knife is one of the main things that will determine what makes this knife so great. The market is full of just about every knife that you could think about and the key to having this knife is that you don’t have to base your opinion of it on its appearance. If you have limited requirements for this knife, then you need to love this one as it is not feature loaded to make it bulky or stand out.

Survival Kit Contents

It comes with a hollow handle that has a bandage, 4 matches, a compass, a hook, fishing line, and a striker. It is made from stainless steel that comes with a sawback blade design. This is a high quality yet rugged design that is great for everything from hunting to fishing, camping and more.

The survival kit isn’t a whole lot, but it works especially if you get yourself stranded somewhere. The bandage is made cheap, so be warned that you should put in a fabric bandaid that will work better inside of the kit. The fishing line is 20lb test line and the hook is a little small, but it will work. The compass does work well and the matches strike with no problem.

The USA Defenders Military Survival Knife Bundle with Fire Starter & Compass comes with a high quality nylon sheath that will fit your knife perfectly. It attaches to your belt loop.



  • Bandage that it comes with sucks at sticking
  • Hook could be bigger

When it comes to having a good survival knife, this one will certainly work without a hitch.  If you like “survival” knives that have survival kits, you could also check out my review of the Maxam Survival Knife.